Divest Colorado State University


*Interested in the breakdown of CSU’s endowment? Check out our About CSU’s Endowment page!


We challenge CSU to use its power as the socio-political, economic, and academic center of Fort Collins and the greater Northern Colorado area to divest from fossil fuels and advocate for a sustainable and just future.

1: Disclose

Present all current direct and indirect investments in the fossil fuel industry in a clear, accessible way. The University will continue to disclose this information in an annual report, of which will be made public. 

2: Divest

CSU must release a statement declaring its commitment to divest its endowment from direct and indirect holdings in the fossil fuel industry. They must also provide a comprehensive plan, including a timeline, for how they will achieve this.

3: Reinvest

We call on CSU to reinvest the money they are removing from the fossil fuel industry to support environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and community-based investments.

4: Take a Stand

We challenge CSU to advocate for a sustainable and just future. This includes taking a stand against fracking and working on inclusive environmental policy for the community at large.

Want To Get Involved?

Everyone is welcome here! Our movement is made up of current CSU students, CSU alumni, and community members. We’re stronger together, and we’d love to have you join our campaign!

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